2011 Rugby World Cup - McCaw News


All Black McCaw so quick he regularly gets away with bumfisting

---NZ Herald

Slow-motion cameras have revealed that All Black captain Richard McCaw (OBE) is so quick at the breakdown area that he regularly gets away with sodomising opposition players.

"Haha", laughed Mccaw, "yeah, about once a game I like to have a bit of a rummage around up there. Gives me something to do to pass the time before I take the ball off them."

So how did it all start?
"I dunno, I was just bored at the breakdown, first there as usual, all on me lonesome, at a bit of a loose end until I could legally turn the ball over and I got to thinking 'what would it be like to just shove my whole arm up this guys arse? Bugger me, I've got nothing else to do for a couple of seconds".

Mccaw, pictured here "just seeing what it's like".
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